EJ Bradford Report

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The Alabama Attorney General’s report on the EJ Bradford shooting at the Galleria mall has been released. Read the report here. The report includes surveillance footage the AG determined to show that the officer’s assumption EJ was a threat was reasonable. It is hard to know from just a few screen captures if that was […]

The SEC Is Tilting At Windmills

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According to this and many other articles, including a video published by Mississippi State University for Davis Wade Stadium in 2018, the SEC is requiring all member schools to install metal detectors outside football stadiums by 2020. The cost at Bryant-Denny Stadium alone is nearly $1,000,000 just for equipment.  The additional manpower required to operate […]

Safe storage? Why, yes, let’s have a helping of that.

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I am not going to deep dive on the motivations behind the group producing this advert.  I don’t care if they are pro- or anti-gun.  It does not matter to make my (and their) point.  Guns are dangerous.  Kids need to be protected from what they do not know, and from their own curiosity.  There […]

“Constitutional Carry” & Unholstered Pistols

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I was recently re-reading Mississippi Code Annotated section 45-9-101, our concealed carry license statute, and noticed for the first time that it does not permit an unlicensed individual to just shove a pistol in his/her waistband or pocket without a holster.  Perhaps because I would not recommend this in the first place, I had not […]

Carrying a gun in the workplace

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Grant Cunningham has a good article discussing carrying a firearm in a workplace. In my experience, his points are valid even if they are not universal. It’s simply not possible to carry a full-size pistol in the professional world; even a small gun in the most carefully tailored clothing is hard to hide. This will […]

Building an AR-15 Pistol vs. Short Barreled Rifle (SBR)

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The Advantages of a Rifle I recently completed my second AR-15.  My first was a rifle, but this time around I decided to build an AR pistol instead of a rifle or a short barreled rifle (SBR).  The AR pistol is several inches shorter than my AR rifle, but not a whole lot.  My Sig 556 […]