NFA Gun Trusts

Why use a NFA gun trust?

Using a gun trust to purchase a NFA item such as a sound suppressor has the following advantages:

  • Increased security and compliance with NFA laws when the trustee becomes disabled or dies (continuity of ownership).
  • Express instructions for what to do with NFA items at death or disability.
  • Gun trusts, unlike corporations and LLCs, are not registered with the state or filed with the county clerk and thus are more private.
  • Avoids annual reports which are required of LLCs and corporations.
  • No filing fees.
  • Avoids having to submit a NFA item to the probate process (most estate lawyers and judges are not familiar with NFA requirements).
  • Trusts can have multiple co-trustees who can possess the NFA item. Not only does this allow you to allow a trusted family or friend to use the NFA item, it also permits that person to possess the NFA item.  This can be useful in situations where you are not traveling home after a trip to the range and would like your spouse or friend to take the NFA item directly to your gun safe rather than leaving it in your vehicle.
  • Trusts also have the potential to allow for lawful transfer of firearms in the event of disability (temporary or permanent) whereas NFA items owned by an individual may fall into a legally dangerous no man’s land.