Rep. Criswell Wins, City of Jackson’s Mayor Loses

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As predicted by this author, Jackson mayor Lumumba’s patent violation of the Mississippi Constitution got him sued and he quickly lost. The City Council, correctly, abandoned him and the mayor did not bother to try to justify his actions. While the result is correct, the fact that this even occurred is an affront to our […]

Tennessee permitless carry bill advances

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On Tuesday, May 26, 2020, the reconvened Tennessee House Judiciary Committee passed a permitless carry bill which would allow anyone 21 and older to legally carry a gun without a state-issued license (assuming the person is not otherwise disqualified from firearm possession). There are currently 12 states with permitless carry, while three additional states have […]

Jackson Miss. Mayor Asks to Be Sued, Decides He Is Above Constitution

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In this Youtube video, Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba announced he “suspended” by “executive order” due to the COVID-19 pandemic the “open carry” law – a/k/a the Mississippi Constitution. Mayor Lumumba cites Miss. Code section 45-7-17(7)(e) as his authority (timestamp 2:20). First off, that citation is wrong. There is no code section 45-7-17. He […]

Their crime was using a Hi-Point

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From the police blotter as reported by Police were dispatched to Chestnut Street/W. 26th Street on two men making a rap video in an abandoned concrete slab that used to be a part of the foundry. The reporting party stated one of the men was holding a gun while filming in font of a […]

Miss. considers requiring local govt. and state agencies to follow the law

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House Bill 1215 has passed the House and is heading to the Senate for further consideration. The bill would do the following: 1. Prohibit cities and counties from entering into contracts or rental agreements which prohibit the possession of firearms. 2. Prohibit state agencies from adopting rules or regulations that restrict possession of firearms. 3. […]

Michael Bloomberg Really Does Think He Is More Important Than You

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When asked why he is entitled to private security forces using the same firearms he would bar for "common" citizens, Bloomberg could not articulate a coherent answer. He talked around the issue. He talked about how many threats he gets, how well trained his security personnel is, about what he thinks the law is and […]

Pending Legislation 2020

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There are a number of bills pending that would change gun rights in states covered by the Midsouth Gun Lawyer. Here are a few. Tennessee: To permit the unlicensed concealed carry of a handgun by all law-abiding citizens with or without a permit who are 21 and older, except in current restricted areas; The bill […]

Justifiable Homicide (MS)

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Mississippi has long set forth a number of circumstances in which a person is justified in using defensive force, including deadly defensive force.  The enumerated situations are: public officers and private citizens acting in furtherance of their job or a court order, i.e., executions, arrests, capture of felons; resisting an unlawful attempt to kill the […]

Pocket Knives (MS)

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Mississippi law does not limit the length of a knife blade, nor address “assisted opening” devices.  Rather, the only type of edged weapons which are expressly prohibited from being carrying concealed are dirks,[47] bowie knives, butcher knives and switchblades.[48]  This prohibition is also set out again in a separate section pertaining to convicted felons.[49]  Note that […]

Crimes Employed Using A Firearm; Felons (MS)

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Anyone using a firearm, including just displaying the firearm, during the commission of a crime shall be sentenced to an additional five (5) years in prison, without the possibility for reduction or suspension.[36]  If such person is a convicted felon, the sentence is an additional ten (10) years.[37] Unless pardoned, expunged, or relieved from disability, […]