Interesting traffic stop

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Kudos to whoever wrote this summary and used the acronym “PMF” (privately manufactured firearm) instead of calling it a “ghost gun“. I would caution the driver about pocket carrying a G43 without a holster. I cannot think of a lot of places I want a 9mm hole, but I certainly can think of plenty of places near my pants pocket that I do NOT want a 9mm hole.

An officer initiated a traffic stop at 7200 Lee Hwy. and the car had three occupants. The driver told the officer he had two firearms on his person, and another one in the glove box. The officer also saw a level 4 ceramic body armor plate in the rear seat on top of a duffle bag. The officer had everyone get out of the car because of the weapons. The rear passenger told the officer he was a former Gangster Disciple. After speaking with the driver, he seemed extremely nervous about the duffel bag. He said it was not his and didn’t want to say who it belonged to. One of the passengers said it was his when asked. Both the passenger and the driver gave the officer permission to search the car and the duffel. Nothing illegal was found while searching the vehicle. The officer did find two level 4 plates and one level 3 plate. Several magazines and a large sock full of ammo were also found. While searching the car, the officer had Info run the firearms. One firearm didn’t have any manufacturer markings or serial numbers. The firearms came back negative stolen. The officer asked the driver about the gun and he said he completely built the unmarked pistol with parts he ordered. The officer called an ATF agent to verify if anything needed to be done with the pistol. They said it was legal to own as long as he was not selling it. One of the passengers told the officer he was a felon. However, he said he didn’t know about the firearms. The Glock 23 was appendix carried by the driver in a holster. The Glock 43 was in the left front pocket of the driver without a holster. It was located in a pants pocket underneath a pair of coveralls. The PMF was found in a locked glove box on the passenger side of the vehicle. It was the only weapon not loaded with one in the chamber. The driver, passengers and firearms were then released.