Their crime was using a Hi-Point

From the police blotter as reported by https://www.chattanoogan.com/2020/4/23/407999/Police-Blotter-2-Pairs-Of-Women.aspx

Police were dispatched to Chestnut Street/W. 26th Street on two men making a rap video in an abandoned concrete slab that used to be a part of the foundry. The reporting party stated one of the men was holding a gun while filming in font of a drone. Upon arrival, police located the two men. Both said they were filming a music video. Police asked if they had a firearm and one said he did. The firearm was not on his person but located next to their gear. The pistol, a Hi-Point 9mm, was run through NCIC and was not stolen. Both men were extremely apologetic and said they did not mean to cause a disturbance. They were both checked for warrants and then released.