The Stolen Gun Portal – A Good Idea?

“Universal” background checks have wide support by those who do not know and have not thought about why they would not work in the manner proposed. There are some ways to address the problems, but the politicians are not interested in creating a system that actually works. They want talking points, or something more sinister… There is no doubt that some would use this as a method for gun registration and ultimately a way to ban all private sales of firearms.

​Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost​ has created a portal through which people can report stolen firearms and “private citizens and firearms dealers can instantly check to see whether a gun was previously reported as stolen.”
As I understand it, this database only contains firearms reported stolen. This means that no registry of ‘legitimate’ firearms is created and that a ‘no results were located” means that the firearm has not been reported to that database as stolen.

The article does not state whether search entries are stored. I hope not. If all search entries are stored then we still have the same concerns about creating a registry of ‘legitimate’ firearms and people will not use the system.

Done correctly, this is a tool that honest citizens and most gun owners would use to help prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands.