In The Workplace; Gun in Trunks

A business owner’s right to prohibit weapons within the business’ buildings and vehicles is statutorily protected in Tennessee. Whether or not the employee or person holds a handgun carry permit is immaterial to the business’ right to prohibit weapons. Valid handgun carry permit holders may transport and store their weapon in their personal vehicle in a public or private “parking area,” except in vehicles owned or leased by a government agency or business which has adopted a written policy prohibiting firearms or ammunition not required for employment within the entity’s motor vehicles. See also Tenn. Code Ann. § 49-7-163 and §50-1-312 which protect employees of  public postsecondary institutions freedom from any adverse or disciplinary action for such person’s transportation and storage of a firearm or firearm ammunition in compliance with § 39-17-1313. 

An employer is immune from civil liability for damages which result from firearms permitted by this law. Furthermore, any business or other entity with the authority to prohibit weapons on their property “shall be immune from civil liability with respect to any claim based on such person’s, business’s, or other entity’s failure to adopt a policy that prohibits weapons on the property . . .” Such immunity does not apply to a person, business or other entity whose conduct or failure to act is the result of gross negligence or willful or wanton misconduct.