Shooting at the wrong mark can be costly

Reporting by the

EPB employees at 1806 Dixon St., told police they were getting numerous calls for outages in the area of Dixon Street. They discovered that the fiber wires ($24,000) between poles X4264 and X4176 had been damaged by what they believe was a projectile from a firearm


Many years ago I talked to an electrical company employee who recounted a story about several high voltage transmission lines being damaged around Thanksgiving. The repair cost was significant, as was the inconvenience to the customers and employees. Unfortunately for the vandal, he dislodged from his vehicle one of his prescription medication bottles while target shooting. The rangers had little difficulty locating him, as his name, address, and phone were all legibly printed on the label. Initially the man denied any involvement, or even being in the area. When confronted by the bottle, he dropped his deception and fessed up. The company sent him a sizable invoice for immediate payment.