Shameful: Lock your dang doors! A car is not a holster!

According to recent news reports, Tennessee has the ignominious distinction of leading the nation in firearms stolen from vehicles. Memphis is #1 (193.6) while Chattanooga is a very close #2 (193.1). Nashville lags in third position with “just” 119.6 thefts per 100,000 persons.

This is per Everytown whose numbers I do not trust, but whether accurate or not, we can all agree the number is too high.

From the May 20, 2022, Police Blotter some irresponsible Chattanooga owner reported:

A man told police his Smith & Wesson 9mm (Shield) handgun was stolen from his 2015 GMC pickup truck while parked in the parking lot of Creative Surfaces, 2211 E. Main St. Police were unable to enter the firearm into NCIC because the victim did not have the serial number of the firearm. The man said his vehicle may have been left unlocked at the time of the theft.


  1. Lock your car doors.
  2. Your car is not a holster.
  3. A glove box is not secure.
  4. If you must leave a gun in your vehicle – sometimes unavoidable – store it securely in a safe tethered to the vehicle frame. With a safe costing less than $25, there’s no excuse.
  5. Record your serial number.