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Reed Martz featured in Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network Atty Question of the Month

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We understand that law firms are busy places focused on defending people with current legal problems. How do you recommend a Network member who does not have a pending legal issue connect with an attorney for a brief consultation to be sure the member understands their state’s self-defense laws, while getting to know the attorney they’ll call to protect their rights after self defense?

Reed Martz
Freeland Martz, PLLC
302 Enterprise Drive, Suite A, Oxford, MS 38655

Call or email the attorney via the contact information provided on his/her firm’s website or bar directory. If s/he does not promptly respond with information about how to schedule an appointment then you have your answer. If a prospective client cannot reach an attorney within a reasonable period of time then that client cannot be assured the attorney will be available on short notice during their time of need. Our firm measures our response time in minutes, not days. If I agree to a prospective representation then I will give the client my cell phone number to reach me on nights and weekends.