Off Duty Police Officer Shoots Himself While Drinking In A Bar

As reported by Hotty Toddy news (https://hottytoddy.com/2019/07/31/bar-owners-says-off-duty-cop-shot-himself-in-leg/), an off duty police officer in Rooster’s Blues House, a bar located on the Oxford Square, shot himself in the leg while fiddling with a gun in his pocket.

According to the article, the officer had a .38 revolver in his shorts. The officer’s name has not been released which is almost certainly different treatment than if a private citizen had shot himself.

The article incorrectly quotes Mississippi Code 45-9-101 as applicable to the situation. In all likelihood, the officer was carrying pursuant to his badge. Alternatively he would be able to carry in a bar under Mississippi Code 97-37-7 (enhanced license). So, the fact that he had a concealed firearm in a bar does not necessarily mean it was illegal. It does mean that he was unwise.

But, just because you can does not mean you should. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t drink and carry.

Finally, when you carry a firearm, please use a holster which completely covers the trigger guard.