Registration, Background Checks, Licensing, Locks, and Buy-Backs (MS)

Mississippi has no owner gun registration requirements[6] except for silencers/suppressors.[7]  It is a state crime for any person to solicit, persuade, encourage, or entice a licensed dealer or private individual to transfer a firearm or ammunition in violation of state or federal law.[8] It is also a crime to provide false information.[9]  Counties and municipalities are prohibited from participating in gun buy-back programs unless the weapons are sold to a FFL (not destroyed).[10]

Subject to federal background checks from licensed firearm dealers, no records are required to be kept regarding any transactions by private individuals.  This is not to say that such information should not be kept,[11] only that it is not required.  Mississippi has no licensing requirements but does provide for a license to carry a concealed pistol (discussed more thoroughly infra).  No license is required to purchase or own a firearm.[12]  Mississippi has no requirement that owners employ gun locks.