Money speaks louder than polls

The main stream media is fond of reporting that Americans support more gun control in ‘scientific’ polls. See, for example, this article from The Hill claiming “A majority of voters support stricter gun laws in the U.S., a new Hill-HarrisX poll finds.”

I find the statistics about how people spend their money a more reliable indicator than what they tell some pollster who may be interrupting their dinner.

I have news for the Brady Bunch and Demanding Mommies: the numbers do not look good for your cause.

In March 2020, “About 4.7 million Americans initiated background checks for gun purchases last month — a 36% increase from February.

Biden stimulus checks spark historic surge in gun sales, especially AR-15s

For the second time in three months, the FBI broke its record for gun sales, concealed carry, and other firearms background checks in March.

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System conducted 4,691,738 checks, an all-time high. It broke the record set in January of 4,317,804.

That’s the most recent month breaking the record set two months earlier which was itself a record! What have the last few years shown? Well, let’s just say that I wish my investments performed this well. Even CNN has to admit people are voting with their wallets.

(CNN) – Gun sales in the United States reached a record level last year, with the biggest increases in background checks for firearms overlapping with months of social and political unrest, according to industry and government data.

Industry data and firearms background checks show nearly 23 million guns were purchased in 2020, according to Small Arms Analytics, a consulting firm based in Greenville, South Carolina.