Michael Bloomberg Really Does Think He Is More Important Than You

When asked why he is entitled to private security forces using the same firearms he would bar for "common" citizens, Bloomberg could not articulate a coherent answer. He talked around the issue. He talked about how many threats he gets, how well trained his security personnel is, about what he thinks the law is and should be, and a variety of other points… none of which were responsive to the question. Really, should anyone be surprised that the guy who does not think most people are mature enough to handle a large soda can be trusted with guns?

Bloomberg’s respect for the Second Amendment is false. As mayor of New York he kept everyone but his "special" friends disarmed. He does not believe you and I have a right to bear arms.

Bloomberg should put his money where his mouth is and voluntarily limit the magazine capacity of his security detail’s firearms and make them abide by the same restrictions as the rest of us. Once his guys have 10 rounds (or less) and cannot carry in "gun free" zones, I bet Bloombert’s tone changes.