Licensed Carry (GA)

Georgia is a “shall issue” state regarding weapons carry licenses. This means that as long as the person applying for the weapons carry license meets the minimum requirements, they will be issued a license. Individuals may apply to the probate court of the county in which they are a resident and, upon investigation, the court shall issue a weapons carry license. [[lxvii]] Licenses are $30 plus a $5 for fingerprinting services [[lxviii]]and are valid for a period of five (5) years. Both applications and renewals shall be applied for by completing forms supplied by the court. Licenses shall be issued to individuals aged 21 and older or individuals aged 18 and older with proof of service in the armed forces.[[lxix]] Weapons carry licenses will not be issued to felons[[lxx]] or individuals against whom felony charges are pending. [[lxxi]] License holders are required to have in their possession their Georgia Weapons Carry License whenever they are carrying a weapon. [[lxxii]] Individuals may not be detained for the sole purpose of investigating whether they have a weapons carry license. [[lxxiii]]

Georgia also honors the out of state permits of 32 other states. [[lxxiv]]