Registration, Background Checks, Licensing, Locks, and Buy-Backs (GA)

Georgia does not have a firearm registration requirement. Silencers, SBRs, and SBSs do not have to be registered with the state of Georgia, however individuals must still comply with federal law[[vi]]. The state legislature has gone so far as to prohibit laws made by counties or municipalities that would require for guns to be registered, [[vii]] and also prohibits government officials from enacting registration requirements during a state of emergency. [[viii]] It is a felony for a person to attempt to solicit, persuade, encourage, or entice any dealer to transfer or otherwise convey a firearm to an individual who is not the actual buyer. [[ix]] There is no permit, background check or firearms registration required when buying a handgun from a private individual. Subject to federal background checks from licensed firearm dealers, no records are required to be kept regarding any transactions by private individuals.  This is not to say that such information should not be kept, only that it is not required. [[x]]

Georgia has no requirement that owners employ gun locks or keep their firearms locked in a safe.

Georgia has no law prohibiting gun buy-back programs. However, any guns surrendered to police may not be destroyed, but shall be sold at auction. [[xi]]