Open Carry (GA)

Open carry of handguns is only allowed in Georgia with a weapons carry license. Individuals may carry long guns openly without a license. However, if they are loaded, they may only be carried openly. [[lxxv]]

The following chart lists and compares the places license holders are allowed and prohibited from carrying a concealed pistol or revolver:

Locations Allowed With Georgia Weapons Carry LicenseLocations Prohibited EVEN With Georgia Weapons Carry License
Parks [[lxxvi]]Courthouses [[lxxvii]]
Historic Sites [[lxxviii]]Detention Centers, Jails, or Prisons [[lxxix]]
Recreational Areas [[lxxx]]In a place of worship, unless the governing body has allowed the carry of weapons [[lxxxi]]
Wildlife Management Areas [[lxxxii]]State Mental Health Facilities [[lxxxiii]]
Public Transportation [[lxxxiv]]Nuclear Power Facilities [[lxxxv]]
Government Buildings where access is not restricted or screened by security personnel [[lxxxvi]]Within 150 feet of any polling place when elections are being conducted [[lxxxvii]]
School Safety Zones Within: buildings or property used for athletic sporting events or student housing, including, but not limited to, fraternity and sorority houses [[lxxxviii]] any preschool or childcare space [[lxxxix]] any room or space being used for classes related to a college and career academy or other specialized school [[xc]] any room or space being used for classes in which high school students are enrolled through a dual enrollment program, including, but not limited to, classes related to the “Move on When Ready Act” [[xci]]  
Airports beyond the security checkpoint area {[xcii]]