Educational Property (MS)

“Educational property” is precisely defined and includes almost all public or private primary and secondary schools, including colleges.[26]  Generally, it is felony for any person to possess or carry firearms or explosives on educational property,[27]  or to encourage anyone under eighteen to do so.[28]  It is a misdemeanor to carry an air rifle, knife or other “sharp-pointed or edged instrument” except for unaltered nail files, food utensils or tools used for food preparation, instruction or maintenance,[29] or to encourage anyone under eighteen to do so.[30]

It is legal under Mississippi law for a non-student to possess a firearm on educational property so long as the firearm remains in a motor vehicle and is not displayed in a threatening manner.[31] However, it is illegal under federal law, the Gun-Free School Zones Act (18 U.S.C. § 922(q), unless the possessor has a Mississippi enhanced concealed carry license.[32]  The state law prohibitions mentioned here do not apply to ceremonial or school programs, armed forces personnel and law enforcement, home schools, shooting event competitors, guards, mail carriers, or weapons not prohibited by § 97-37-1 (deadly weapons statute, discussed infra) in a parent’s motor vehicle.[33]  Schools are required to post a copy of this Code section in public view.[34]  See infra about “campus carry” with an enhanced concealed carry license.