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California Thumbs Nose At US Constitution

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For a state which prides itself on protecting the “rights” of people (even when those rights are not based upon any articulated protection found in a governing document) it is nonetheless not surprising that California is ignoring the Full Faith and Credit clause of the United States Constitution.

This is troubling for anyone who has paid their debt to society, taken the steps necessary to put the past behind them, and live a productive life. If California has its way a conviction will forever be a scarlet letter (at least where the right of self-defense is concerned).

As reported by Reason, two gentlemen committed non-violent, relatively minor crimes early in their life. Their convictions were ultimately vacated (probably expunged) by the state which issued the conviction in the first place. But California, thinking it knows better than anyone else, and not feeling bound by the Constitution which binds these great states together, refuses to give effect to the expungment.

Not surprisingly, California is getting sued. I hope and expect they will lose.