Age Requirements (MS)

It is unlawful to sell, give or loan a “deadly weapon” to a person under the age of eighteen.[14]  Additionally, a parent who allows a child under eighteen to own or carry concealed a deadly weapon may be charged with a misdemeanor.[15] Likewise, it is generally illegal for a person under eighteen to have a “handgun” in his possession.[16]  A number of exceptions apply.  It is not a violation if the minor is: (1) attending hunter or firearm safety courses; (2) practicing or target shooting; (3) competing or practicing for a non-profit organization’s performance; (4) hunting with a valid license;[17] (5) traveling with an unloaded handgun for an approved activity;[18] (6) on land which is under the control of an adult who gives the youth permission to have the handgun;[19] or (7) using the firearm in lawful self-defense.[20]  Attention is drawn to the distinction between “deadly weapons” and “handgun” as used in these two statutes.  The term “deadly weapon” is discussed in depth in the section on unlicensed carry of a firearm.