Reed Martz to Appear on SuperTalk MS Re: Sandy Hook Lawsuit

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Attorney and firearms law expert Reed Martz will appear again on The JT Show on Super Talk Mississippi to discuss the recent decision by the United States Supreme Court not to intervene in the case against Remington Arms Co. filed by families of victims of the Sandy Hook school massacre. Reed will explain what this […]

FBI 2018 Crime Statistics

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A few highlights: Both violent crime (3.3%) and property crime (6.3%) fell in 2018 from the previous year; The 2018 violent crime rate is still higher than 2014 and 2015; There were about 1.2 million violent crimes in 2018; The only category of violent crime increased was rape (2.7%); In 2018, the estimated number of […]

Open Carrier Acts A Fool; Police Chief & Mayor Drop Wisdom

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On Friday, August 16, 2019, a 22 year old open carried a handgun into a Petal, Mississippi Wal-Mart to buy more ammunition. Ok, not my choice, but not a problem per se. What put this in the news was his “aggressive stance” which put employees on edge, only compounded by a "smirk" when his pistol […]

Los Angeles Hates The NRA and The First Amendment Too

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In its zeal to name and shame anyone who might dare entertain a different point of view regarding the National Rifle Association, the city of Los Angeles, California is violating the First Amendment by demanding all city contractors disclose whether they have any ties to the NRA. Eugene Volokh has a great legal analysis of […]