Jackson Miss. Mayor Asks to Be Sued, Decides He Is Above Constitution

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In this Youtube video, Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba announced he “suspended” by “executive order” due to the COVID-19 pandemic the “open carry” law – a/k/a the Mississippi Constitution. https://youtu.be/YDKFdbaeLtQ Mayor Lumumba cites Miss. Code section 45-7-17(7)(e) as his authority (timestamp 2:20). First off, that citation is wrong. There is no code section 45-7-17. He […]

Open Carrier Acts A Fool; Police Chief & Mayor Drop Wisdom

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On Friday, August 16, 2019, a 22 year old open carried a handgun into a Petal, Mississippi Wal-Mart to buy more ammunition. Ok, not my choice, but not a problem per se. What put this in the news was his “aggressive stance” which put employees on edge, only compounded by a "smirk" when his pistol […]

Guns in Courthouses – New Law Effective July 1, 2019

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In the latest salvo between the judges who want to control the entire courthouse and the Legislators who want them to limit themselves to the courtrooms, Mississippi House Bill 1581 goes into effect today. Full text of the bill is here: http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/documents/2019/pdf/HB/1500-1599/HB1581SG.pdf In summary, the bill provides what is, and what is not, a courtroom. […]

Freeland Martz Is Expanding to Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Photo: Sunset Rock, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee Dear WordPress, You may have heard that I am moving. That’s mostly true. My family and I are moving to Tennessee to open Freeland Martz, PLLC in Chattanooga. Freeland Martz has long been a regional firm practicing in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee so we are excited to open […]

Los Angeles Hates The NRA and The First Amendment Too

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In its zeal to name and shame anyone who might dare entertain a different point of view regarding the National Rifle Association, the city of Los Angeles, California is violating the First Amendment by demanding all city contractors disclose whether they have any ties to the NRA. Eugene Volokh has a great legal analysis of […]

EJ Bradford Report

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The Alabama Attorney General’s report on the EJ Bradford shooting at the Galleria mall has been released. Read the report here. The report includes surveillance footage the AG determined to show that the officer’s assumption EJ was a threat was reasonable. It is hard to know from just a few screen captures if that was […]

4 Injured In Winchester Explosion

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According to Hotty Toddy News, at approximately 1:30 pm on January 8, 2019, four Winchester employees were injured in a “minor” explosion at the Olin manufacturing facility in Oxford, Miss. It does not sound like the injuries are serious, thankfully. Winchester manufacturers 22lr and a variety of centerfire ammunition for the military at this facility.